This site has been created to provide information to those considering undertaking activity in hot climates or hot working environments.

If you are not aware of the dangers, the symptoms, and suitable first aid treatment in the field then heat can be lethal.

Heatstroke arising from exercise is the greatest danger
healthy humans are likely to face when active in hot environments

There are many circumstances when this information may be of use to you. For example:

  • Gap years in hot countries
  • Clubbing when dancing for prolonged periods
  • Adventurous holidays or activities in hot climates
  • Sudden very hot spells arising from global warming
  • Expeditions
  • Athletic events in the heat
  • Work in hot enclosed environments

    The site is dedicated to Claire Eisenegger who died at the age of 18 of heatstroke while on expedition in the Indonesian jungle in 1999.

    The site has been revised in line with comments provided by The Royal Geographical Society Medical Cell who provide specialist medical advice to expeditions. While containing much useful information the site does not have any official standing or authority.

    Many thanks are due to Prof. David Warrell of Oxford University who reviewed Claire's death and revised and improved the RGS guidance on heat and acclimatisation.

    Three main sources of information and data have been used for this site:

    Johnson AT, Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology - an achademic reference covering the mathematical modelling of the body when exercising.
    This book was out of print at the time of drafting this web site, and thanks are due to the British Library system which none the less made it available.

    Lawerence E. Armstrong, Performing in Extreme Environments - currently in print - a more readable, excellent and inexpensive source of detailed advice and guidance.

    Anderson SR and Johnson CJH, Expedition health and safety: a risk assessment - a paper published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

    Thanks go to those who have given information and advice over the phone and e mail, and to those who have given permission for reproduction of some of their material within this site.